If you don`t have New Year's mood, and really want to feel it, it's time to visit the GUM! Decorated Christmas trees, Christmas balls, lights are pleasing to the eye! Not necessarily to buy something, you can just take a walk and look at this beauty. :) Then go out and walk around the Christmas market on Red Square, photographed at the ice sculptures, ice skating! We had a wonderful time! : D


120 years of fashion

GUM’s been in the epicenter of Moscow fashion all 120 legendary years of its history. Even in years of total shortages people could find something stylish like from a magazine cover. Own atelier of GUM was in great demand among the party elite members.

 In its anniversary year, Main Department Store offers a unique exhibition, which helps modern visitors of GUM see how the first buyers of the former Upper Trading Malls looked like. It is a retrospective of fashion on Red Square 20, 50, 80 and 120 years ago.

 Fashion is inseparable from the history, and garments reflect all events during the centuries: world wars, two consecutive revolutions, change of the political system and economic policy. The exhibition features about 300 authentic costumes from Alexander Vasiliev’s private collection.

Fashion expert and well-known TV presenter personally opened the exhibition in GUM. We did a great work before the opening as for every costume we made special demonstration mannequins. Exhibition visitors may be surprised at how tiny the XIX century beauties were!

 Ladies in lace and ermine capes show the fashion during the reign of Emperor Alexander III and Nicholas II. Mannequins with wasp waists in flowing lace dresses, large hats demonstrate subtle taste of fashionistas in early XX century. A little further we can see smart and a bit flashy NEP style, trophy outfits of generals’ wives, extravagance of so called New Russians representing newly rich business class of post-Soviet times and the era of glamour. Step by step mannequins show the viewers fashion from the past to future and in the center of GUM by the fountain the «journey» ends with fashion of 2014.

 Exhibition of historical costumes in GUM lasts from December 2013 to February 2014.



Make up and hair: Albina Moskaleva http://vk.com/albina.moskaleva

Model Valentina@ DSC warmphoto.com







Photo: www.warmphoto.com

Модель: Jenny (Verona models)



Anton and Nadya

Photographer Teplova Zhanna





Dress Vera Wang www.wedberry.ru
Model Anastasia ://vk.com/anastasiatekunova
Make up artist Marina http://vk.com/club20300299

FLORAL MEETING OF FLOWERBAZAR: creating Christmas wreaths

Florists have a hard and interesting work! How exciting to see how their creation is born from pieces of material gathered together.

 I was lucky enough to visit the master class of Flowerbazar to create Christmas wreaths in a cozy studio as a photographer and I can tell you that it was sooo inspiring! Girls have created a cordial homely atmosphere: playing Christmas music, and smelled of cinnamon, on the table there are many beautiful items for future wreaths, all smiling and joking. Such floral meeting is irreplaceable to create a New Year's mood!

Warm evening in a good company gives lots and lots of positive emotions! Dates and topics nearest flower meetings http://flowerbazar.ru/flower-workshops/tsvetochnye-vstrechi.html

Under the cut, you can dip into the creative process ... :)

Warmphoto photographers

Bahamas Engagement


The haunted pumpkin garden at New York

The New York Botanical Garden gets decked out each year as the Haunted Pumpkin Garden, a delightful, Halloween-themed grove where kids can have scavenger hunts, explore a house made of painted pumpkins, put on a puppet show, join a costume parade and check out more than 500 carved pumpkins.

Pumpkin sculptures of spooky scarecrows, frightening spiders, sneaky snakes, and more await discovery at every turn in the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden. 

Haunted Pumpkin Garden and Pumpkin Carving at NYBG the New York Botanical Garden


Double B Coffee & Tea

Amazing cozy little coffee and tea place on the quiet street in the center of Moscow. It notable differs from other typical Moscow cafes. Staff very friendly and knowledgeable, coffee is so tasty.

Double B Coffee&Tea

Food Market in Moskva Gallery

The fair presents the products from local farmers and from suppliers of the world's delicacies among them such products as bakery products, pickles, spices, meat, fish and seafood, cheeses, pastries, teas and prepared food.


Krymskaya embankment in Moscow opens after renovation

Krymskaya embankment in Moscow closed to the cars. It is a pedestrian zone stretching over a kilometer. There are bike paths, wooden boardwalk, new pavilions for outdoor cafes. Krymskaya embankment is the part of the park "Muzeon" - now no cars and parking, only benches, flowerbeds and bicycle paths. The largest pavilion with a sloping roof located near the waterfront Yakimanskaya. This pavilion offers views of Moscow on the roof, in the winter the roof will fill in for the ride. 





Beach engagement photoshoot

Jana and Artem - a very brave couple. When we all gathered at the appointed place for shooting, it was  raining in Moscow and here clouds  just crawled. The guys said "shoot to be!" and we started shooting. We had very little time before the real rain came ...: D We didn`t escape the flood, were wet, went barefoot in ankle-deep puddles . But we made it!))))))

Photographer Teplova Zhanna and Teplov Oleg