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Model Anastasia ://vk.com/anastasiatekunova
Make up artist Marina http://vk.com/club20300299

FLORAL MEETING OF FLOWERBAZAR: creating Christmas wreaths

Florists have a hard and interesting work! How exciting to see how their creation is born from pieces of material gathered together.

 I was lucky enough to visit the master class of Flowerbazar to create Christmas wreaths in a cozy studio as a photographer and I can tell you that it was sooo inspiring! Girls have created a cordial homely atmosphere: playing Christmas music, and smelled of cinnamon, on the table there are many beautiful items for future wreaths, all smiling and joking. Such floral meeting is irreplaceable to create a New Year's mood!

Warm evening in a good company gives lots and lots of positive emotions! Dates and topics nearest flower meetings http://flowerbazar.ru/flower-workshops/tsvetochnye-vstrechi.html

Under the cut, you can dip into the creative process ... :)

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